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For over a decade, PSSI has been a distinguished provider of Private and Corporate Investigations, committed to excellence. Our team comprises investigators with government-level security clearances and a proven track record of conducting intricate investigations for some of the world’s most prominent enterprises.

Our sustained growth has empowered us to deliver competitive pricing without compromising the industry-leading service standards and unmatched success rates that distinguish us.


First and foremost, PSSI is a devoted listener. Our experienced team of government-licensed specialists collaborates closely with you to craft a customised plan that guarantees the most favourable outcome for your case. We maintain transparent communication throughout the entire investigation, keeping you informed about every significant development.

With PSSI, you can trust that you’re receiving counsel and guidance that surpasses the capabilities of typical private investigation firms nationwide.

PSSI Specialises In
  • Thorough evidentiary gathering for litigation support.
  • Expertise in locating missing persons quickly and efficiently.
  • Investigating spousal or partner infidelity with discretion and professionalism.
  • Conducting family law investigations with precision and care.
  • Comprehensive surveillance and top-tier security services.
  • Resolving family and child custody disputes through dedicated investigations.
  • In-depth examinations of business operations, merchandise, and employee matters.
  • Tackling insurance, injury, and public liability investigations with efficiency.
  • Navigating council and environmental compliance investigations with expertise.
  • Performing background checks and due diligence to provide you with vital information swiftly.
  • Skilfully locating individuals and crucial information to support your needs.
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Our Management Team Will Analyse Your Requirements And Will Carefully Choose The Appropriate Private Investigators Based On The Investigators Experience And Training. Our Supervisors Randomly Check All Sites To Ensure The Private Investigators Are Performing To Our High Standards.

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